portrait image of david
portrait image of david

I am an Associate Pro­fessor in the De­part­ment of Infor­matics Systems, Uni­ver­sity of Klagen­furt, in the south of Aus­tria. Here I teach and research in the Inter­ac­tive Sys­tems research group.

My teach­ing and research in­te­rests are in the field of Human-Computer Inter­ac­tion. Curr­ently, my work is fo­cused on in­ter­ac­tion de­sign for mobile devices, user-centered design and eva­lua­tion methods, and vis­ual com­muni­cation.

P: +43 (0)463 2700 3514
F: +43 (0)463 2700 99 3514
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Dept. of Informatics Systems
University of Klagenfurt
Universitätsstrasse 65-67
9020 Klagenfurt
Born in Sweden School High school ex­change stu­dent for one year in Au­du­bon, Iowa Nine months man­da­tory mi­li­tary ser­vice Stu­dies in Com­pu­ter and Sys­tems Scien­ces (De­part­ment of Com­pu­ter and Sys­tems Scien­ces, Uni­ver­sity of Stock­holm) One Eras­mus ex­change year in Vienna (att­en­ded class­es at the Uni­ver­sity of Vienna and Vienna Uni­ver­sity of Eco­no­mics and Bus­i­ness) Gra­du­ation from Uni­ver­sity of Stock­holm Back to Vienna for two years to work at Sie­mens AG Öster­reich as an SAP sy­stem de­ve­lo­per and con­sul­tant Moved to Klagenfurt, start­ed teach­ing and do­ing HCI-research at Uni­ver­sity of Kla­gen­furt PhD Nine­teen months post-doc in the Human Com­pu­ter In­ter­action and Mul­ti­me­dia Lab, Uni­ver­sity of Can­ter­bury, Christ­church, New Zea­land Back to teach­ing and re­search in Kla­gen­furt Summer re­search vi­sits in the Human-Computer In­ter­action Lab, Uni­ver­sity of Ma­ni­to­ba, Winni­peg, Ca­na­da Ha­bi­li­tation, Ass­o­ci­ate Pro­fes­sor